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'Above The Game,' A Guide To Getting Women, Raises $16,000 On Kickstarter, Complaints

Guide To Getting Women: 'Don't Ask For Permission. Be Dominant'

A self-proclaimed pickup artist raised thousands in cash for his upcoming book -- as well as plenty of heat for advising men to "physically pick her up and sit her on your lap."

"Don't ask for permission. Be dominant."

Ken Hoinsky gained popularity on Reddit as TofuTofu, teaching other guys his ill-advised tricks to make women absolutely powerless to turn him down. Commenters following his lesson plan seem to like it, which may be why he raised more than $16,000 even though his goal was only $2,000.

But as Jezebel points out, some of his methods could easily be taken as aggressive assault. For example, check out his Reddit post on re-introducing himself to a woman after he's just "shoved her aside HARD, seemingly randomly":

I did this yesterday in a dance club.

I re-open a girl by walking up, grabbing her, caveman-ing her against the wall & kissing her. Then I cast her aside and get a drink at the bar. The entire time she is staring like "OMG who is this guy?" (in a good way).

I come back to her with my drink. "Come on, let's go."

I walk her to the corner, escalate kino, smalltalk a bit. Fast forward and guess who is getting a BJ in the dark corner of the club? THIS GUY!

His book, "Above The Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome with Women," will also have tips on "juggling multiple relationships" and seducing women by way of being "random." The comments on his Reddit posts are a mixed bag, but some of his followers report success -- though that success has an assault vibe to it, too.

From user chebb:

Physically pushing a girl is something most guys are thought never to do, but if you do it and it's ok with you, then the girl is going to not have a clue what to do and assume it's ok, as you do, and you're awesome. Another thing is to give a good solid push, as a light push could be seen as a misplaced tap, you want to commit to it ... Also, if you go physical from the get go, then they are much more open to escalation.

We've compiled some of Hoinsky's more ridiculous tips below. We don't recommend actually following them.

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