Artist Abraham Poincheval Spent A Week In A Hole... To Read (VIDEO)

We understand how hard it is to get quality reading time in these days. Some people take a sick day to finish their tome of choice, while others curl up in bed. French performing artist Abraham Poincheval, however, spent entire week underground with a small stack of books, according to France TV. (In case you were wondering, he finished all of them.)

Poincheval's unconventional "me-time" took place underneath the “Histoire d’un Jour” bookstore and gallery in Marseille, in a drilled hole so small he could barely sit or stand up. The claustrophobic space, dug especially for the "604800 Seconds" exhibition, was topped off by a one ton boulder blocking the light.

Yet Poincheval came prepared, bringing a headlamp, water and freeze-dried food into his personal layer, along with a camera to film the entire experience. Poincheval's reading marathon was projected onto the gallery walls so visitors could really envision Poincheval's underground journey... and also probably make sure he didn't suffocate or anything.

After Poincheval's week underground, he emerged into a light-filled gallery. "It was pretty magical when the stone is lifted and I was again struck by the outside, the reality on the ground," he told the AFP.

Watch Poincheval's process in the videos below. For those in Marseille, you can still catch his work at Galerie HO until October 10, 2012.

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