Abundance and Letting Go

Another lesson I learned this week was about the connection of abundance and letting go. OK, so these lessons come in my regular daily errands, I know, but bear with me please. I saw this shabby chic coffee cup I wanted, but as I am currently unemployed, I told myself I didn't need it, I needed to not waste money.

(My Cup of Abundance)


I did my necessary shopping and left, but as I was driving out, I understood that as long as I lived in fear of not having and held on to what I had, I wouldn't receive. And that in order to have I had to let go and believe that more would come. I had to make room for more to come in. I had to believe in abundance. Abundance of not just financial means but abundance of life, love, family, health, wealth, inspiration, completion, follow through, determination, dreams and goals.

So I went back and got the cup, which by the way I love and have used every day since. It is now my cup of abundance and I patiently await and expect abundance in my life.