AC/DC Wine: Highway To Drunk

There are now so many wine-making celebrities that the topic has its own Wikipedia page, entitled "List of celebrities who own wineries or vineyards." So what's one more? There's even a "Drops of Jupiter" wine!

That -- or some close variation thereof -- must have been the substance of AC/DC's pitch meeting to Warburn Estate, the Australian winery the metal legends has contracted to produce an AC/DC-branded line of wines. (AC/DC is also from Australia.) Apparently, different varietals will carry the names of different AC/DC hits: "Highway to Hell" Cabernet Sauvignon, "You Shook Me All Night Long" Moscato, "Hells Bells" Sauvignon Blanc.

At least wine dovetails somewhat cleanly with AC/DC's rock and roll roots. The same cannot be said of all the products that are marketed under the band's name ... AC/DC Monopoly, anyone?