Academy Awards Selfie Breaks Twitter for Fun

By now, everyone's read and heard about Ellen DeGeneres' selfie that was 1) amazing, with all those stars! and 2) broke all records at more than 2 million retweets in two hours during the broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards on ABC.

DeGeneres shared the selfie via her Twitter feed here.

That social sharing is now part of the way we live and communicate is not new anymore. Literally everything is documented and pushed out on social channels today.

Is this a bad thing? Not really. It's simply the way it is and the Ellen selfie shows that we're learning to enjoy it.

That it's becoming fun is good news for the SocialTV fans. Many have been predicting all kinds of intrusion and diversion from social streams... but maybe not.

Maybe we'll make it light and fun and learn how to harness the power of real-time social media -- not to sell stuff and puff up our egos, but to celebrate life and the people we're with -- and then share that.

We could use a little fun breaking Twitter more... better than doom and gloom.

Beverly Macy is the host of Social Media Radio, the co-author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media, and teaches Executive Marketing at UCLA Extension. You can email her