Acadia premiere "Dryspell" music video from the 'All Heart' EP

Acadia premiere "Dryspell" music video from the 'All Heart' EP
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Dryspell is the fourth song on a six song EP titled "All Heart" (Produced and Mixed By Kevin Billingslea at The Halo Studio and Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Studios). The EP is based around the story of a couple and their struggles with love, loss, and the uncertainty of where their lives are moving. Being part of a bigger picture, this song focuses on one partner coming to the realization they could lose everything. The song is the turning point tonally and conceptually for the album where the couple have realized their complacency and have started pondering the possibility it may not work out. We set out with the idea that we wanted to make a song that told a story, didn't look back, and left behind your typical song structure and we wanted the video to match that feel. We wanted people to watch the video and convey their own meaning as not every situation is black and white. It isn't the normal single or video you would expect but it encompasses everything the EP stands for both sonically and conceptually.

Acadia has had an amazing 2017 so far opening for Silverstein, Four Year Strong sold out Boston date for the ten year “Rise Or Die Trying”, Broadside, Like Pacific, Can't Swim and many more. They will be out on tour this August with Dreamer & Son to support the release of the new EP “All Heart”.

Directed by C.R. Saxton

<p>Arcadia 2017.</p>

Arcadia 2017.

Matt Congdon Photography

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