The Art Of The Acai Bowl

Get ready for some breakfast food porn.

This is not a story about healthy breakfasts (even though acai is considered a "superfruit," loaded with antioxidants). This is not even a story about quick and easy breakfasts (actually, acai bowls are pretty time consuming to make). What this is, is a story about the prettiest, most colorful breakfast option around. In short, breakfast porn.

We know, food porn or "foodstagramming" is one of the most controversial (and unhealthy) social media habits to date, up there with the utterly lame and disappointing "HB!" birthday posts. But when it comes to the aesthetics of our meals, breakfast warrants perhaps the most care and attention. Would you rather start your day with soggy cereal and colorless oatmeal or an inspired and artfully arranged explosion of colors, textures, and flavors?

Acai bowls are parfaits on tropical, chilled steroids. First, frozen acai pulp is blended with various fruits and coconut, soy, or almond milk. Next, the thick, creamy smoothie is topped with homemade granola and sliced nuts and lovingly adorned with fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and, for the truly opulent, coconut shavings. A delicate drizzle of honey adds a certain luster to the whole affair.

The breakfast treat is originally from Brazil, but has become ubiquitous in Hawaii. It won't be long before it sweeps the mainland. If you're going to foodstagram, at least make it something as mouthwateringly worthy as an acai bowl.

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