Is It Acceptable To Have Sex In Public?

In a four-year period where privacy is tough to come by, having sex in public can be one of the top fantasies for college students, as evidenced by numerous tales of hooking up on campuses.

But is the thrill of the act worth getting caught? David Matteson, a sex columnist at Rollins College, believes so.

"Sex in public is often frowned upon as illegal and primitive," Matteson wrote in his column. "But those two justifications are exactly what make it so exciting. It’s fast, dirty and fun -- but the trick is not getting caught."

Margot Harris, a sex columnist at Brown University, said the independence that comes with college is a huge contributor to the public sex fantasy. Students get bored, she said, with the freedom of school and they miss the thrill of getting caught, which happened more in their earlier years. As well, Matteson claimed shared dorm rooms don't make for a particularly thrilling hook up.

When asked if they would continue having sex in public once they left school, the two had varying opinions. Matteson claimed that it would still be exciting when he's 30, while Harris felt that the desire would fade the older she gets.

"As we get a little bit older and we have more responsibilities and more attachments, families or more serious relationships or jobs, it's something that might be harder to explain to those audiences," Harris said. "So I'm going to be a little bit tamer ... a little bit more vanilla."

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