Access Gallery's Art-O-Mat Vending Machine Sells Art To The Masses In Denver's Art District On Santa Fe

We've seen vending machines for cupcakes, meat, and Plan B. Now how about a vending machine that's a little more upscale? Something that adds refinement and class (not to diss the cupcakes) to its locale, something more... artistic?

While Denver's Art District on Santa Fe could easily host a "weird" vending machine (and that's a compliment), the area's new claim to fame is an Art-O-Mat. Put $5 into an old cigarette-vending machine and out pops art.

According to the Denver Post, the Art-O-Mat's host Access Gallery has stocked the machine with a mix of works from professional artists and teens with disabilities. Half the proceeds go back to the contributing artist.

Art-O-Mat came about in 1997 when creator/artist Clark Whittington transformed a cigarette machine for an art show in North Carolina. Whittington sold black and white photographs for $1.00 apiece.

Access Gallery has hosted the Art-O-Mat since mid-August 2011. The machine was painted by LA graffiti artist Hieronymus.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Denver's Art-O-Mat is located in the Santa Fe Arts District. The machine is in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

PHOTOS of other Art-O-Matic machines around the country, via Facebook: