Acclaimed LGBT Web Series 'Eastsiders' Returning For A Second Season

And we couldn't be more excited.

A web series that made waves around the Internet -- and on LOGO TV -- is returning for a second season.

"Eastsiders," set in Los Angeles, stars creator Kit Williamson ("Mad Men") and Van Hansis ("As the World Turns") as two gay men navigating the nuances of their relationship after infidelity.

“I wanted to break open the love triangle,” Williamson said in a press release. "Jealousy is only interesting to a point. What happens when it’s removed from the equation? There are so many different ways human beings connect with each other, and there is no one way that is right for everybody. The show explores many different kinds of relationships, from ex-boyfriends getting back together, to friends starting a new relationship, to a lesbian couple with two kids finally getting married.”

Check out the trailer for the second season of "Eastsiders" above and watch the premiere episode on Vimeo on Sept. 15.

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