Accommodations for an Enduring Marriage

By Jane Giddan

Half a century of marital bliss,

What an interesting match is this.

So much in common, but varying needs,

Compromise needed in everyday deeds.

Keep the room chilly, then she'll wear her sweats.

Warm up to cozy, then he'll have regrets.

TV on always, a white noise for him.

Off makes her happy, her hearing is dim.

Food rather spicy, gives him a kick.

Bland soothes her taste buds, to the last lick.

Fans on the ceiling, to whip up a breeze,

She prefers no wind, to feel quite at ease.

Lights bright, or turned low, each makes a choice.

Words loud or murmured, a difference in voice.

Keep the place tidy, or spread out one's stuff.

To run the day's laundry, is once good enough?

Stock up the larder, so food's always there,

But he likes to cook all and keep cupboards bare.

The market next door is their full fridge instead.

Convenient and fresh, so they're always well-fed.

Long life together, they've reach an accord.

In each of their hearts, the other adored.

Fifty years married, seems a long time,

But not quite enough to finish this rhyme.

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