'Ace Power' Horse Riding Fitness Product Even More Suggestive Than The Shake Weight (VIDEO)

You probably haven't forgotten about Shake Weight, the unintentionally hilarious piece of exercise equipment that "SNL" and "South Park" so brilliantly parodied. You know, the one that kept local morning news crews cracking up on-air?

Well, now there's an even more suggestive way to get fit. No, we're not even talking about completely real Free Flexor or the Jimmy Kimmel-invented Tug Toner. We're talking about "Ace Power," the horseback riding-inspired tool that tones your body while simultaneously making you look like you're gettin' it on. I mean, riding a horse.

Just try not cracking up at the commercial for the Korean-made product above (the video doesn't start until about 30 seconds in) and take a look at some equally ridiculous fitness products in our slideshow below.

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