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Ace Your Base: Tips to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Come blizzard or below zero temps, your skin needs nourishment and protection to look good. I've pinpointed the best ways to keep your skin looking its best through winter.
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This post is dedicated to Enedine Vigil, my former personal assistant who was shot and killed by her fiancé on Tuesday, January 4th at her home in Hollywood. She was a beautiful person -- inside and out. Enedine was truly an inspiration to me as a makeup artist and in life. She will be greatly missed at Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics.

The winter months are kind to no one -- especially your skin. Now more than ever, your complexion needs to be properly tended to and kept in top-notch form. I have always preached that makeup application begins with a brilliant base, so this month I'm focusing on acing your base as the temps continue to plummet. The secret to a flawless base in the winter? Finding products with high-quality ingredients and hardworking formulas.

These days consumers pay close attention to ingredient decks -- and so do I. Women want cosmetics with beneficial ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and natural fruit extracts, so my team and I work incessantly to make sure we deliver. I've infused my products with wonders like tri-peptides, natural plant extracts, all the essential vitamins and more. Innovative ingredients are constantly being introduced to the beauty industry, so staying current is a must, particularly in skincare. Those ingredient decks count, and knowing what's in it for you is crucial. Come blizzard or below zero temps, your skin needs nourishment and protection to look good. I've pinpointed the best ways to keep your skin looking its best through winter.


Cool Off: Think again before you turn the faucet to hot water. Even though it feels great on a bone-chilling day, hot water is extremely drying and can cause unsightly broken capillaries on the skin. I recommend washing your face with tepid water. When drying, it's best to pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel. To finish, moisturize while your face is still slightly damp as this helps your moisturizer to sink deeper into the skin and be more effective.

Smart Serum: Many skip on the skin elixir step, but it makes all the difference as the cold front sets in. Find a hard-working serum that's light and packed with moisturizing ingredients. I use my Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum as a skin-boosting pick me up during the day. I'll take a pump of serum onto my fingertips, and pat gently under my eyes, peaks of my cheekbones, temples, forehead and chin for that refreshed look. While developing the serum, it went through a series of In Vivo tests. This advanced skincare process tested the serum on the crow's feet of a group of women and after 30 days, skin roughness decreased dramatically. Proof that science and beauty work together in marvelous ways.

Prime Time: Primer has been around for years, but has only recently come into the limelight. I launched my Auto-Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer over six years ago, so I've been advocating the importance of priming for quite some time. My mantra is, "Not to prime is a crime," and priming helps foundation glide over the skin and ensures that your makeup lasts all day. My primer also absorbs excess oil and is packed with calming ingredients like chamomile, which is a rock star ingredient in the winter since it reduced redness that can be a result of harsh winds. Another plus is yarrow extract, a healing and calming botanical with anti-inflammatory properties. I like to use primer as a base and then mix it with foundation in equal portions before working it onto the skin with a foundation brush.

Eye Insist: Before you hop in the shower or as you're making your morning coffee, apply an eye mask. The effects of windburn and dry skin can wreck havoc on the eye area, but taking the time to use an eye mask in the a.m. can make a world of difference. My Auto Pilot Energizing Eye Masks help to alleviate dehydration and hydrate the sensitive under eye area. You can even use my masks over your makeup without making a mess. Trust me, your makeup won't smudge and your eyes will look radiant and feel great. Take that, Old Man Winter.