Achievements Women Have Made in Media

March is Women's History Month and an excellent time to recognize the women who have made incredible changes in our society. There are many women who have been using media as ways to promote ideas and opinions about certain issues in society that they feel passionate about. Some of these women that are doing this today are Sophia Bush, Alexis Jones, Eva Mendes and Gloria Steinem. Some are known activists and use their words to help influence other people to stand up for women's rights.

Sophia Bush is known not only as a successful actress, but also a very passionate activist. She spends a great deal of time donating to and visiting other, less fortunate countries to learn more about what they are going through. Bush spreads awareness about fighting for equality for everyone in society, animal rights, and helping the environment on Twitter. She also has a website that contains a long list of charities that she takes a part of, including Pencils of Promise and Meditation for at-risk kids and many more organizations. In addition to those, she also uses her Instagram account to share images to inspire her followers to be kind and the best person they are capable of being. Bush also works in collaboration with Alexis Jones to help work towards helping girls feel more confident about themselves and who they are.

Adding onto that, Alexis Jones started the non-profit organization I Am That Girl to help girls work towards being themselves and feeling completely comfortable doing so. She wrote her own book titled "I Am That Girl" which offers many tips and advice on ways to live a happier, more confident life. Jones also uses her Twitter account to recognize influential women from the past and shares their words of wisdom to inspire others. Jones also recently helped create the movie "A Brave Heart" featuring Lizzie Velasquez to help make awareness about bullying and to stop it.

Eva Mendes uses media in a little bit of a different way and took part in the documentary "Half the Sky," which worked towards raising awareness of the tough situations of women in different countries. The documentary visited ten different countries and interviewed the women going through difficult challenges in their life. The main challenge that these girls experience is sex trafficking and the film aimed to help raise awareness and stop these problems. Mendes built connections with these young girls and women to help make them feel safe and let them know they have someone who cares.

Yet another woman activist who uses her social media to raise awareness is Gloria Steinem. She uses her Twitter page to share facts about women and social changes that need to be made for them. She also announces events and programs through her page to help people find out how to become involved. Steinem also has her own website, which also creates hope for change for people. She is known as a feminist who is working towards creating equality for women and uses these pages to help people become more aware and work towards changing these social issues.

Women's History Month is the time to recognize women who have made incredible changes in the past. In the more recent years, many women have used media to help gain awareness of issues they feel strongly about. Sophia Bush, Alexis Jones, Eva Mendes, and Gloria Steinem are only a few of the many women doing this.