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Change Your Shoes and Step Into Authentic Success

How do we not get lost in looking for "success in all the wrong places," and end up with achievement but not fulfillment? How do we experience wealth as abundance in our being, not only in our bank accounts?
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Boy with boxing gloves
Boy with boxing gloves

Is Your Definition of Success Making You Unsuccessful?

Do you wake up each morning feeling inspired, passionate, and purposeful in your life, knowing that you have set your life on a path toward "authentic success"?

If not, perhaps you need to redefine success in your life in a way that is attuned to the uniqueness of who you are, and all that you are here to be. "Changing your shoes," stepping outside of your life, observing it with new possibilities, and creating your "authentic success affirmation" can be your first steps to bringing "authentic success" into your life and leaping out of bed each morning!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." Our lives count toward that "one life" lived, because we have an obligation to honor our lives, as much as the lives around us. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is explicit in that command.

The question is, how do we enable ourselves, and those around us, to "breathe easier" and experience our greatest and most authentic successes? How do we not get lost in looking for "success in all the wrong places," and end up with achievement but not fulfillment? How do we experience wealth as abundance in our being, not only in our bank accounts? How do we redefine success so it is filled with substance and not superficiality?

The origins of the word "success" are found in the Latin word "successus," meaning "advance, succession, happy outcome." Yet, to what or to where are you advancing? What "succession" and legacy are you creating? What makes you truly happy? What will be the impact on the greatest vision for your life, and on your contribution to the world?

The answers are found in committing to take steps each day that allow you to breathe your authenticity into the world, in the pursuit of your perpetual magnificence, not your temporary materialism. Without that pursuit, you clip the wings that enable you to fly to your greatest heights.

Steps to Achieving Authentic Success:

1. Change Your Shoes!

Take off your shoes and stand barefoot in your life. Think about the shoes that represent "success on the outside," yet don't make you feel comfort, wellness, happiness, and freedom on the inside.

  1. Write down the successes "on the outside" that don't necessarily "fit" you on the inside.
  2. Write down what success would look like on the outside if it were inspired by what brings you to life on the inside -- your authentic success. Think about the feelings you most want to experience every day, what you want to express in the world every day, the most purposeful legacy you would like to create -- the most meaningful impact you want to have in your life and in the world.

2. Step Outside Your Life!

Leap outside of your life and elevate yourself to a higher platform from which you can see yourself standing in the world. Are you taking responsibility for where you appear in your life and in the world? Do you see other places you wish to be?

  1. Write down how you see yourself from your higher platform. Describe what you see around you, and what is missing around you. Describe what you sense is complete within you, and what is missing within you.
  2. From your higher platform, and guided by your inspiration, passion, and to where you wish to purposefully "advance," what guidance would you give to yourself?
3. Allow New Possibilities for Your Life.

Often we become stuck in the "shoes" we wear every day. The comfort of our habits keeps us from the happiness that comes from leaping into new possibilities. Unless we step into new shoes and onto new paths, we remain stuck in the same place, in the same circumstances.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

In order to "go" onto those paths, you need to find the shoes that can take you, and then you must choose to leap. You must allow yourself to try new shoes and take new paths. It is your choice. It is your life. It is in your hands. It is waiting now.

  1. Write down the new possibilities you would like to create for your life, guided by your passion and purpose.
  2. Write down what "authentic success" would look like in your life as those possibilities become realities.
  3. List the first steps you need to take, and then identify just one that you can take today. Take it today. Then tomorrow, take the next. Keep listing and taking those steps for 30 days to create new habits that will take you along paths to your most authentic successes in your life.

4. Create Your "Authentic Success Affirmation."

The key to continuing to travel on the path to your authentic successes is to keep affirming all you desire within you to manifest those things in the world around you. Create your "authentic success affirmation," and keep it with you. Each morning, in the middle of your day, and before you sleep, read your affirmation aloud and feel its presence in your life.

Answer the following to create your authentic success affirmation:

1. Which three feelings do you most want to experience every day in your life?
  1. ___________________
  2. ___________________
  3. ___________________
2. Which two words describe how you would like to most purposefully affect the world around you each day? For example: inspire, empower, influence, teach, heal, help, etc.
  1. ___________________
  2. ___________________

3. Write a phrase describing the world you would most like to create. (Don't hold back!)

Finally, combine the answers to 1, 2, and 3 above, to complete your authentic success affirmation:

I feel (1) ________________, __________________, and __________________
as I (2) ___________________ and ____________________ myself and others
to create a world in which (3) _________________________________________________ .

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