ACLU Drags John Bolton's Record After He Retweets Support Of His Book Release

The civil rights organization argued for the former national security adviser's right to publish a book about working with Trump while pointing out his spotty human rights record.

If politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, then the sleeping arrangements between John Bolton and the American Civil Liberties Union are truly bizarre.

After the Trump administration sued the former national security adviser on Tuesday to stop the publication of a book the White House says contains classified information, the ACLU released a tweet supporting Bolton’s right to release it.

Bolton was apparently happy to get the support and retweeted their tweet.

But the ACLU didn’t want its support of Bolton’s right to release his book to be seen as support for Bolton himself.

The group quickly dragged his “atrocious human rights record” with these telling tweets.

The group has previously put principle and precedent over ideology in the past, even defending the Ku Klux Klan’s right to free speech in 2012.

Still, many Twitter users know a burn when they see one and set their GIFs to stun.

Nusrat Chadoury

The ACLU In Action