ACLU Pressures Springs School Into Rescinding Decision On 'Marriage Is Gay' Shirt

In the wake of a critical letter from the ACLU, a Colorado Springs High School is rescinding its decision to ban a provocative political t-shirt that supports gay marriage.

According to an ACLU release, the principal at Falcon High School told student Kate Cohn that she couldn't wear a t-shirt that said "Marriage Is So Gay." The t-shirt, which Cohn wore on election day, was meant to be supportive of gay marriage rights.

"This is censorship plain and simple," said Rebecca T. Wallace, Staff Attorney for the ACLU in a statement Tuesday. "Falcon High School administrators are censoring Kate Cohn's message of equality simply because they did not like what she has to say, but the First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees students like Kate Cohn the right to peacefully and quietly display their political message, even when that message is unpopular."

After receiving the letter on Tuesday, Falcon High School determined that Cohn "is entitled to wear [the shirt]."


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