Banish Acne With The PCA Skin Bar Cleanser

This skin care secret weapon is worth the $56 price tag and is available on Amazon.
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Adult-onset acne has got to be one of the universe’s cruelest jokes. Having to do battle with both wrinkles and pimples while nearing the event horizon of middle age? Extremely rude. I’ve run out of patience for these seemingly never-ending breakouts and have tried just about everything, including expensive light masks, pricey skin care products, regular facials and more. But the addition of one seemingly unglamorous item to my routine has quite possibly made the most difference: PCA Skin’s blemish control bar.

Like so many out there, I’d always underestimated the power of a cleanser, and was loathe to spend more than a few bucks on a drugstore face wash. I figured it didn’t make much of a difference since it only spent a few seconds on my skin. Oh, how wrong I was.

PCA Skin has harnessed the power of the effective active ingredients in many of their other products and packaged it in cleanser form. This solid facial bar is pretty under-the-radar and not generally considered to be one of the brand’s bestsellers, but it should be. It’s a sleeper hit that’s an absolute must for anyone dealing with breakouts.

So even though it’s pretty pricey in comparison to traditional facial cleansers, I regret to inform you that the PCA Skin blemish control bar is worth the $56. It’s practically magical when it comes to killing germs and exfoliating the skin, making it the perfect acne fighter.

It’s ideal for anyone with acneic, oily or combination skin, though it may be a bit too harsh for those with very dry skin. It’s formulated with three key ingredients that work together to heal and prevent breakouts: Two percent salicylic acid clears existing pimples and prevents future breakouts. Azelaic acid helps to support a clear complexion, even skin tone and prevent scarring. Eucalyptus leaf oil is said to clarify the skin and help to remove impurities, leaving skin radiant and smooth. Each package comes with its own sponges that you can use to lather up and apply the cleanser. They’re the perfect size and texture, and I don’t recommend using anything else.

I cannot stress enough how fresh, clean and soft my skin feels after I use the PCA Skin blemish control bar. In the before times, I used an extremely popular drugstore cleanser that also claims to have a high percentage of salicylic acid. In comparison, it left my skin feeling rough and stripped, and, frankly, didn’t ever do much for the breakouts.

The secret is to knowing how to use this bar properly, and I’ll admit it takes a little trial and error. I’ve done that bit for you, so let’s go through my finely-honed routine routine, step by step.

  1. Get the sponge nice and wet, then wring it out so it’s not sopping.

  2. Rub it around on the solid bar two or three times until you start to see soapiness on the bar itself.

  3. Use the sponge to wipe out any remaining bubbles or foam on the bar of soap itself.

  4. Add a bit more water to the sponge and then start rubbing away at your face in circles, creating a significant lather.

  5. Once your face is all lathered up and you look like Santa Claus, leave the foam on your skin for as long as you can muster. (For me, this means 1-2 minutes). It gives the active ingredients time to really work their way into your pores and do their jobs.

  6. When it’s ready to wash off, rub whatever remains into your skin and rinse it off.

A note: I’ve found that step three is key to extending the life of the bar. And when something is as pricey as this cleanser is, it makes a big difference. The drier the bar stays, the longer it lasts.

As with so many things, consistency is key. Using it every day makes a huge difference in the reduction and prevention of breakouts for me, so don’t leave it at home when you go on vacation. The fact that it’s in solid bar form is a huge plus when it comes to traveling, since it’s TSA-approved at all times.

Not only is my skin softer, smoother and brighter than it has been in a very long time, but it’s actually made a significant dent in what was once fairly regular breakouts. I now go really long stretches of time — months — without any blemishes, and the duration of the breakouts is much shorter when I’m using this soap consistently. I usually up it two times a day when I have an active breakout, otherwise I just use it once a day.

It’s become such an integral part of my routine that I get anxious any time I get close to running out. Luckily, this doesn’t happen often because I found that a single bar lasts a really long time. It’s been an absolute game changer in the quality of my skin’s health and appearance, and I will use it until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil.

As you’ll see in reviews below, it’s also great for teenage acne. Keep reading to pick one up for yourself and check out some seriously glowing reviews. Between the heat, humidity, chlorine and every other summer element you can think of, now is the perfect time to invest in a product that will keep your skin ultra-clean.

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PCA Skin blemish control bar
Get the best skin of your life with this salicylic acid, azelaic acid and eucalyptus-rich solid facial cleanser. It may be expensive, but it just works! It can be a dream come true for oily, combination and acneic skin types.

Promising reviews: “Highly recommend. I have bad acne, and have tried almost everything. Usually, my face gets worse and really dry with face washes but this one was suggested to me by an esthetician for my acne. I’ve ordered two of these so far and swear by it! It doesn’t irritate my face, cause any more breakouts, controls my oil, and feels clean! It lasts me a long time as well!” — Christine

“Great for my skin. I have skin that I consider to be prone to acne but this soap works so well for me, it can be drying but if you use a good moisturizer it should be okay. I used to purchase soaps that were way more expensive and not as effective, I am very pleased with the pricing and the results. Will continue to purchase from this seller whenever I run out.” — D_Queen

“Wonderful to clear up and prevent acne. This will help with teenage acne in no time. My 18 yr old son has been using this (recommendation by his dermatologist) for the past 3 years. He has no acne. But you have to use on a routine basis (morning & night) & you can’t use for a few weeks then stop. My son uses it religiously. Great product!” — Holly R. Miller

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