ACORN Chief Bertha Lewis: Glenn Beck Is A 'Political Necrophiliac' Having 'Congress' With ACORN's Corpse (AUDIO)

Former ACORN CEO: Beck Is A 'Political Necrophiliac' Having 'Congress' With Group's Corpse

The former head of ACORN called Glenn Beck and Fox News "political necrophiliacs" who want to keep digging up the "corpse" of the defunct community organizing group.

Bertha Lewis, former CEO of the group, launched into what can only be described as an epic rant during an interview last week on the Internet radio show "Citizen Radio."

The repeated attacks on ACORN by Beck and others in the conservative media were proven to be, at best, severely factually challenged. But they did succeed in forcing the group to essentially shut down.

Lewis is clearly still smarting from the attacks, as she used seemingly every word in the dictionary to blast Beck, Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and the conservative media. They were all using the specter of ACORN to score cheap political points, she said:

"[After] beating us to death, right now, it's not enough that 'we won, we beat ACORN, we beat them down, the largest community group', we've become political necrophiliacs. Not only did we kill this organization, but we're going to dig them up, and we're going to have all kinds of congress with the corpse, over and over again. So political necrophiliacs like Beck, like Murdoch, like Fox, like Limbaugh, like Mr. Breitbart,they should be called out for what they really are. They're carrion eaters, they're nasty, they're evil, they're liars, thieves and cheaters."


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