Acoustic Levitation: Scientists Use Sound Make Objects Levitate (VIDEO)

Acoustic Levitation: Watch Sound Make Objects Float (VIDEO)

Scientists have developed a sound generator so powerful its shock waves can stun, and even kill people.

Another group of researchers have developed another unusual application for sound: a method of "acoustic levitation" that could help maintain colonies on Mars or the moon by using high-pitched sound waves to remove alien dust.

Wired explains,

Blasting a high-pitched noise from a tweeter into a pipe that focuses the sound waves can create enough pressure to lift troublesome alien dust off surfaces, according to a study published January in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Extra-terrestrial missions have been plagued by dust and debris, which cling to rovers and astronauts because lunar and Martian environments lack the Earth's water or atmosphere that can displace the particles.

According to Wired,

Electrostatic charging from solar winds and UV radiation on the Moon makes this sharp dust cling to everything, including astronaut suits where it can work its way through the glove air locks. It also sticks to the solar panels that power rovers and other instruments.

See acoustic levitation for yourself in the video below! Using only sound waves, the scientists are able to lift mock "Martian and lunar dust" off of a solar panel. Cool!


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