This Acrobatic Hoverboard Routine To Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' Is Absolutely Nuts

You definitely won't be sorry for watching this video.

Last month, we wrote about an awesome choreographed Segway/hoverboard/whatever those rolling things are called dance that changed the state of humanity forever. In it, a group of guys performed a perfectly on-point routine to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" and we simply couldn't stop watching. 

We thought that video was the be-all, end-all of Segway dance videos, but boy, were we wrong. On Wednesday, we found an even more epic hoverboard dance routine, appropriately titled "Sorry - Epic Acrobatic Hoverboard Dance Cover." In it, a group of acrobatically skilled women one-up those other guys by performing some crazy stunts to Justin Bieber's "Sorry," all while effortlessly gliding around on rolling hoverboards.  

This routine really changes everything. 

There's various handstands, including a one-handed one: 

And then handstands in a line: 

And a handstand ON TOP of another girl's hands: 

How are they doing this?!: 

Thank you, Kailey Maurer, Kelianne Stankus (and Piques) for giving the world this masterpiece. 


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