Kind Note Will Restore Your Faith In Parking Officials (PHOTO)

Here's an act of kindness to make your day a little better.

Redditor SpaceMonkey9001 posted a photo of two notes -- one from a person locked out of their car and the other from an Ottawa parking official letting them off the hook.

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In just six hours online, more than 300 Redditors responded.

Some, of course, told less-than-uplifting stories about parking officials, but many wrote about similar heartwarming experiences.

"My car battery was officially dead and I was just waiting to ask the parking cop not to give me a ticket," user smithd685 wrote. "Instead of giving me a ticket, she called her mechanic boyfriend, got me a new battery, and didn't charge me for it."

Another Redditor admitted to consistently parking in a loading zone until a cop finally noticed.

"One day, instead of slapping me with a ticket the parking official came into my work, asked for who owned the car and said that unfortunately he can't allow me to park there anymore," phatcan wrote. "I took advantage of him and he gave me a break. Not all meter maids are a**holes!"

Have you had a similar experience? Share your own act of kindness story in the comment section below.



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