Acting Disruptive: Diaper Cakes Are Definitely NOT Cake

2013-10-10-IMG_0196.PNGIt's no secret that my new digital series, Acting Disruptive, which I co-created with Tribeca Enterprises, has hit the Interwebz in full stride! I'm incredibly proud of the series and hope that by interviewing some of the worlds' favorite storytellers--including Jessica Alba, Jared Leto, Felicity Huffman, Rainn Wilson, and more--about their startup ventures, I'm able to extend the conversation about disruptive ideas, entrepreneurship, and innovation to the far reaches of the zeitgeist. The episodes are funny, informative, and immersive windows into a different side of personalities you may already be familiar with. I'm also very pleased to be working with AOL, who is now the 2nd most trafficked video portal on the 'net, next to YouTube.

This week, we premiered with a great look into Jessica Alba's startup, The Honest Company. I knew next to nothing going into the shoot about the baby care industry, but am happy to see a company like hers so dedicated to selling products that adhere to strict guidelines of being health-conscious, eco-friendly, affordable, while also being nice to look at. I even learned what "diaper cakes" are. Much to my relief they are not, in fact, edible. Whew.

Every week for the next 12 weeks, we will be debuting a new episode, each focusing on a different disruptive idea. We will see how VyRT is changing the way a wildly popular band is streaming high-def concert footage to their millions of fans, free of the constraints of the traditional sponsor model, and how SHFT is imploring young people to make "little shifts to add up to one big shift." I hope you are as inspired by the series as I am!

And now, I leave you with my first-ever vlog.