Acting Disruptive: HuffPost Live, 'Mommy and Me' Yoga and More

Hey everybody, Max here reporting from an undisclosed hotel room in NYC this week! I arrived late after a long 5.5 hour flight but exciting things are most definitely in the works... I had a great time with Mike Sacks on HuffPost Live this afternoon, where we got to discuss my new AOL On Originals Series Acting Disruptive with Tribeca Digital Studios. Check out our segment below -- we discuss and take a closer look into the development and substance of the series, as well as our featured talent and their game-changing businesses. I even get to act disruptive myself and philosophize a bit on what it means to be a "disruptor" and my true hopes for the series.
It's also week three of the series, and this week we're profiling Felicity Huffman's company What The Flicka. Check out my vlog and hear how the website has become an online platform and safe zone for mothers to come together, share, vent and talk about everything concerning the trials and tribulations of motherhood (something I know very little about!).

Watch the episode now! It's a fun one... Oh and Felicity herself may or may not flash me in it. And you may or may not find me thrown into a coterie of yoga-going Mommy & Me mothers. So many ambiguities!
Lastly, Felicity herself asked me to contribute a piece on MY childhood to her site, where I discuss the very NOT peer-reviewed scientific link between being open to new things as a child and being better in bed as an adult. This just keeps getting better.

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