Acting Disruptive: Jared Leto's VyRT Is Owning the Live Streaming Pipeline

Hey friends, here goes vlog #2--fancy! This time coming to you from a lovely little Los Angeles side street. It's good to walk, or so the scientists say, and so I decided to make this vlog what we in the industry call a walk-n-talk.

This is Week 2 of the premiere of Acting Disruptive, my new digital series with Tribeca Digital Studios, where each week we explore a game-changing idea in innovation, entrepreneurship and tech with celebrities truly upsetting the status quo.

Last week we launched with Jessica Alba's The Honest Company to an incredible response. This week, we step into Jared Leto's world of VyRT, his online live streaming concert platform that is flipping the traditional sponsor model on its head and giving millions of fans intimate, high quality access to 30 Seconds to Mars shows though a live, social theater. Check out Episode 2 of Acting Disruptive below, it's fascinating.

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