Action Movie Kid Runs Over Falling Bridge, Is Basically A Superhero

When you've got super duper superpowers like this kid, nothing -- not even the flimsiest of wooden bridges -- can stand in your way.

In the video below, watch as the Action Movie Kid (a.k.a. 3-year-old James, son of Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto) sprints bravely across a bridge as it collapses behind him.

What a champ.

The clip is the latest installment in the wild adventures of the Action Movie Kid. For months, Hashimoto has been wowing netizens by turning everyday encounters with his son into insanely cool action movies through the wizardry of special effects animation.

"You are the coolest dad in the entire world. Keep being awesome," quipped one YouTuber Monday after watching Hashimoto's latest video.

"Best dad ever," declared another.

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