Activist Stands Where Alton Sterling Was Shot To Call For Black Unity

"We must embrace our struggles."

A community leader in Baton Rouge made a powerful call for unity in the wake of Alton Sterling’s killing

Protests have been held across the city since Sterling was shot by a police officer on July 5, just one day before the killing of Philando Castille.

In a Facebook Live video taken by Huffington Post Senior Reporter David Lohr (which you can watch above), the activist, a member of the Nation of Islam, spoke to a small crowd at the site of Sterling’s death about the need for black people t unite during this time of protest. 

“We must unite as a people and stand strong in the face of our difficulties and our opposition to get freedom, justice, and equality in this world,” the activist said.

“We must embrace our struggles, because our position is a gift from God. And one of the biggest oppositions we face brothers and sisters is unity. If we can unite together, we can do anything our minds and hearts desire.”

A memorial service will be held for Alton Sterling this Friday, July 15. 

Watch the full speech above. 



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