Activists Need to Embrace Crypto Currencies to Leverage Their Success

Activists can improve their alternative media success by embracing alternative currencies like Bitcoin.

I live in Britain where I've just witnessed an entire generation of activists get their clock's cleaned by a Conservative sweep in the May 7th Parliamentary elections.

What Happened?

There are three main controllers of power here in Britain: the political establishment in Westminster, the BBC (MSM), and the Bank Of England.

Alternative media has done a good job breaking the stranglehold of outlets like the BBC and the Murdoch press, by challenging their narratives using really cheap and readily available alt media tools like YouTube, podcasting, Wordpress, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but as we've seen; hard fought gains can disappear overnight when facing the virtually unlimited power of the colluding State-MSM-Banking troika.

A Better Way To Leverage Independent Media Success: Ignore Politicians And Go Crypto

It's understandable why activists looking to leverage their alt media strength would look next to infiltrate the Westminster establishment (another leg of the troika) - by supporting a political candidate. But this is not the path of least resistance nor the most desirable path to take, in my opinion.

Activists need to educate themselves about the power of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, invented in 2009, and use crypto to leverage the success of their independent media gains to tip the balance of power away from the troika in ways that could never happen by backing a political candidate.

Bitcoin represents the first major breakthrough in economics and finance since 'double entry bookkeeping' was invented in 1494 and activists need to embrace its power.

In fact, Bitcoin (and its 'transparent public ledger' technology), represent the first time in the history of economics and finance that actual empirical scientific methods have been applied to money. Up until Bitcoin, the concept of money (and by extension, economics) has been a conceit concocted by the centralized, ideological hocus-pocus of central banks and their academic pets. This must and can change and activists should understand this represents a huge win for them.

If Crypto Is The Winner, Who Is The Big Loser?

In the case of Britain, the target of the activist's alt media success leveraging attack - should be the Bank of England - the printer of the fiat, funny-money British Pound that starts wars and spreads poverty in ways that have divided this nation into oligarchs and peasants.

By shunning British Pounds and adopting crypto currencies, activists are escaping the monetary prison of the Pound while simultaneously embracing a new accountability and economic model that not only has the potential to decapitalize the worst kleptocrats among us but also usher in a new era of transparency and altruism.

To get a better understanding of how the transparency and altruism side of Bitcoin works, please read: "Bitcoin Paves a Way for Evolution of the Species"