Actor Ed Begley Jr.: Obama 'Should Die In His Boots' In Fight Against Climate Change (VIDEO)

Actor and environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. doesn't think President Barack Obama is doing enough in the fight against climate change.

"He needs to do a lot more," Begley told HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski on Monday.

Begley, who has highlighted his own sustainable lifestyle in books and on TV, said that he supports the Obama administration overall and does think the president has accomplished more than other candidates would have. Still, he said Obama has been "very quick" to approve energy sources that he is not fond of and has had a hard time holding the line on things like energy efficiency.

"He needs to do more and I think he should die with his boots in some of these things," Begley said.

Begley is currently documenting he and his wife's attempt to build their home under LEED Platinum standards in a web series called "On Begley Street."

For years, Begley said he has successfully powered his home through wind and solar power. He told HuffPost Live he is against proposals like the Keystone XL Pipeline because he knows there are safer, more efficient ways we can get energy.

"It's not pie in the sky," he said. "With nuclear power, the worst energy-related accident is what happened at Chernobyl and what happened at Fukushima. What's the worst energy-related accident with solar panels on your roof?"

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