Sam Elliott Says Hollywood Is 'Hard' On Women And Older Actors

Elliott's new film pairs him with fellow septuagenarian Lily Tomlin.

Sam Elliott, who has been working in Hollywood for more than four decades, knows well how the business has changed over the years. And that includes a shrinking tolerance for older actors, especially women, Elliott told HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

The actor spoke with host Josh Zepps about his new film, "Grandma," which also stars comedy legend Lily Tomlin. Elliott, 71, said that in his own experiences and those of his wife, 75-year-old actress Katherine Ross, and Tomlin, also 75, getting older poses quite a challenge for actors.

"Hollywood is hard on women. It's hard on all of us actors, I think, in this day and age, because it's all about youth. [Maybe] not 'all about' -- I mean, nothing is 'all about,' obviously -- but there is certainly a focus on it, for lack of a better word, at the moment," Elliot said.

But Elliott points to films like "Grandma" and this year's "I'll See You in My Dreams," which features Elliott alongside the likes of Blythe Danner and June Squibb, as a sign that getting older might be getting a little easier in showbiz.

"I think it's getting better," Elliott said. "I hope that it is."

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