Actor Tim Daly Enlists in Obama's Battle for Nevada

Las Vegas, NV -- Actor Tim Daly, known for his roles on the popular Private Practice and Sopranos dramatic series, officially enlisted Sunday in the Barack Obama campaign to capture the state of Nevada and, with it, the U.S. presidency.

"I realized that my grandfather walked with Martin Luther King forty years ago. That was his dream. And in his little way he helped us get closer to where we are today," Daly said to a roomful of union-led campaign canvassers for the local Obama campaign.

Though a leader of the very political but non-partisan celebrity grouping, The Creative Coalition, Daly said that while he's been giving money to the Obama campaign, it's only this weekend that he's going out door-to-door for his candidate. "This is our time, right now," he told The Huffington Post.

Daly was drafted by the country's largest labor union, the Service Employees International Union, as part of its celebrity-centered "Guess Who's Knocking" campaign to directly involve high-profile entertainers in its last-minute get-out-the-vote efforts.

Daly made his maiden appearance as a canvasser Sunday morning in a "war room" meeting of the local pro-Obama SEIU ground teams. Along with scores of other union members and hundreds of other volunteers, they are continuing to blanket Nevada precincts in what appears to be a successful attempt to turn the Silver State a deep blue.

The final round of polling in Nevada shows Obama up by at least five points and Vegas oddsmakers rank Obama as almost a sure winner here.

But neither campaign is letting up as Nevada's five electoral votes could still prove pivotal if Tuesday's voting tightens up at the last minute.

Michelle Obama is scheduled to rallly thousands Monday morning at a North Las Vegas community college. Monday afternoon Republican John McCain comes to the vegas suburb of Henderson where his rival Barack Obama drew a crowd of 15,000 yesterday.