Actors and Filmmakers Talk Hollywood Whitewashing

Hollywood’s issue with whitewashing has come to the forefront of the entertainment world in recent years. 2017 has been particularly contentious with films like The Great Wall, the forthcoming Ghost in the Shell, and Netflix’s new Iron First series, all of which feature white actors in lead roles that probably should have gone to Asian actors.

While strides are being made and minorities are beginning to see a more diverse representation in independent cinema, it’s evident that there’s still a lot of road left to cover before there is any sort of real diverse representation in Hollywood.

Luckily there are people like Constance Wu, Kal Penn, and the ever-loveable George Takei, among others in the industry, who are fighting for equal representation. Adding to that list is actress and YouTuber Rachel Leyco who actively speaks out against Hollywood’s casting problems on her channel. Leyco recently made a video featuring a number of actors and filmmakers addressing whitewashing head on, proving that minority actors are far more valuable than Hollywood would have you believe. Check it out above.