Actors Cut From Movies: Uma Thurman, James Gandolfini And More (PHOTOS)

11 Actors Cut From Movies At The Last Minute

Uma Thurman joined the cast of "Savages" last April, at the same time as Blake Lively and John Travolta. She was set to play Lively's onscreen mother in the adaptation of Don Winslow's drug-fueled piece of pulp fiction, a new-age Southern Californian woman known to her daughter as Paqu -- Passive Aggressive Queen of the Universe.

Unfortunately for Thurman, when "Savages" hits theaters on July 6, her character won't be a part of the fun: She was cut out of the film completely.

"It was so intense, in fact, that we ended up cutting characters from the book, like the mother," director Oliver Stone told HuffPost Entertainment. "She was a good character -- Uma Thurman played her beautifully -- and the scenes were good, but you don’t have time, you know? We have one goal in the movie, and you go out that gate and it's like a horse race."

Stone said that Thurman "understood" the decision, and that she wasn't alone. Emile Hirsch had his "Savages" character significantly trimmed back, too.

This isn't a phenomenon limited to "Savages"; actors have been cut from films for decades. To mix famed quotations, the play's the thing and performers are little more than highly paid cattle. Ahead, 10 notable stars left on the cutting room floor.

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