Actors To IMDb: Stop Listing Our Ages!

Many actors have increasing trouble finding work as soon as they're no longer young, especially if they never made it big.

Thanks to IMDb.com (the Internet Movie Database), actors' ages are widely available to the public and to the industry insiders who hire them.

The Writers Guild of America is campaigning IMDb to allow celebrities to wipe their birth dates from the site to help reduce ageism.

"The Guild has a contract with IMDb to provide credits information and does not release information on age," a spokesperson for the WGA told TheWrap. "We have raised our concerns with IMDb about its listing of ages."

Representatives from SAG have also asked the site to remove ages for non-movie stars, TheWrap reports. But IMDb is reluctant to make any changes and will only remove information once it is proven inaccurate.

"IMDb is committed to being the most comprehensive source of film, TV and celebrity information," a spokesperson told TheWrap. "Customers of IMDb trust that when they use our website, they are receiving comprehensive and accurate biographical information. When we are made aware of information that can be verified as inaccurate, we remove from IMDb, as nothing is more important to us than customer trust."