17 Reasons Why Sometimes You Just Need A Good Cry

Ah, the Claire Danes Cry Face. Since her days as Angela Chase on "My So-Called Life," we've watched that famous chin quiver.

As Danes' Cry Face continues to be captured in memes, gifs and mashups, it's important to note that she isn't the only actor who has mastered the art of emotion.

1. Here's Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, crying. Abu Nazir! Brody! Saul! It's a lot.

2. She had a way better life in mind.

3. Come on, Nicolas. It can't be that bad.

5. Not having a doughnut is the worst.

tv show gifs

6. Thank you for this, Kim Kardashian.

7. Leo?

8. Aw, Leo!

9. LEO!!!

10. Sometimes, this is what being in your 20s looks like.

11. Gossip Girl getting you down again, Blake?

12. Jim, did you do this to her?!

13. Someone needs a hug.

14. We feel for you, Amelie.

15. "You know she cheats on Aaron? Yes, every Thursday he thinks she's doing SAT prep but really she's hooking up with Shane Oman in the projection room above the auditorium! I never told anybody that because I am such a good friend!"

16. This is what too much heartbreak will do to go a girl.

17. Preach, L.C.

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