This Actress Used Her Dress To Send A Powerful Message About The Travel Ban

She's wearing her heart on her clothes for Donald Trump to see.

Some pictures say a thousand words. Others say 10 incredibly powerful ones.

Actress Kathreen Khavari attended the Hollywood premiere of her HBO miniseries “Big Little Lies” on Tuesday, wearing a dress painted with the words, “My Iranian immigrant mother teaches your kids how to read.”

Message received loud and clear.
Message received loud and clear.

Iran, from which Khavari says she immigrated “as a fetus,” is one of seven nations named in President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Khavari’s parents immigrated through Scotland to the U.S., she wrote on Instagram, adding the tags “#noban #nowall #fucktrump #tbt.

My parents (and me as a fetus) in Scotland, on our way to immigrating to the US #noban #nowall #fucktrump #tbt

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Her premiere dress was “brought to you by the threat of a fascist America,” she wrote, noting that “acrylic paint looks great on clothes.”

Khavari’s Instagram shows more of her political activism via clothing. Here she is wearing what looks like the same handwritten font on a shirt at the Women’s March in Los Angeles in January:


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And here she is later that same month, wearing a “Muslim White Male Registry” T-shirt. She said in the comments that she made it herself.

The Revolution starts with calls to senators and aggressive t-shirt slogans . 📷by @yasta_la_vista #fucktrump

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Khavari joins the likes of Kerry Washington and Simon Helberg in making their voices and opinions heard on the red carpet. We have a feeling there’s plenty more where this came from.

We’ve reached out to Khavari for comment; this post may be updated.