Actress Sanaa Lathan Turns The Classic Board Game Life On Its Head

This isn't all fun and games.

We all love the board game The Game of Life for giving us a small dose of the real world. But actual life isn’t always as fair, and “The Perfect Guy” actress Sanaa Lathan is bringing some much-needed truth to the game.

In our eighth episode of “Celebs Have Issues,” a new HuffPost series where famous people use comedy to raise awareness about important topics, Lathan ― who hopes to help young women aging out of foster care through The Sanaa Lathan Foundation ― walks us through some updated modern rules of Life. You might call it Real Life, the 2016 edition.

As two young players ― one who’s black and one who’s white ― work their way through the beloved board game, they find themselves in very real situations that touch on racial disparity in schools, banks and interactions with law enforcement.

Turns out life isn’t always all fun and games.

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