Actual Proof That (Some) Celebrities Know How to Drink

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Swanky lifestyles of the rich and famous don't always account for taste. Remember: money can't buy style. That's why we all love seeing celebrities enjoy a well-made cocktail now and again, rather than a Bud Light and a shot--not that there's anything wrong with that.

From a simple tequila-and-soda to classic drinks like the Sidecar and Old Fashioned, we found seven cocktails that have the celeb stamp of approval. We even found a few people we'd like to add to our list of drinking buddies.

These favorite famous faces appreciate a well-made cocktail--and aren't afraid to show it.

Tell us: Which of these celebrities would you like to have a drink with?

1. Busy Phillips prefers her tequila with soda and fresh lime.

2. Rachel Maddow gives tutorials on how to make proper Old Fashioneds.

3. Pablo Schreiber (aka Pornstache on OITNB) loves his Kir Royales.

4. Dita von Teese shows Access Hollywood how to make a Sidecar.

5. Jay-Z drinks D'Usse Cognac out of his Grammy Award.

6. Neil Patrick Harris really likes his Margaritas.

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