Actually, He Will Give You More Than You Can Handle. That's the Point.

God never gives us more than we can handle.


You know that's completely untrue, right?

I get the idea, the idea that we can and will survive. That's encouraging and hopeful. But it's not really accurate. (It's also not really in the Bible; go ahead, look it up.) Because at thirty three, I've lived just long enough to realize that things will happen to me (or you) that we totally can not handle.

Loss of a child. Bankruptcy. Divorce. Hunger. Car accidents. Death of a friend. Loss of a job. Heartbreak. Abuse. Lies. Chaos.

There are so many things in this world that I just can not handle.

And that's exactly the point. God doesn't want us to handle them on our own. He wants and longs for us to call out to him

for help

for peace

for acceptance

for rest

when there is no where else to turn. Because on our own, we just can't survive. I just can't make it. I can't reconcile when moms die of cancer and kids are beaten to death. I can't reconcile child molesters and car accidents that take friends. I can't think my way out of them or reason with my heart into hurting less.

Because that stuff is painful on a level I can't handle, guys. My heart isn't made for that junk. Your heart isn't made for that junk.

But I serve a God who offers comfort and peace that passes all understanding. I serve a God that gives my weary heart rest. I serve a God who heals parts that I didn't think could be put back together. I serve a God who strengthens me when I am destroyed and weak. I serve a God who supports me when my own two legs cannot.

And he does that for you, too.


In Ezekiel, God teaches Ezekiel lessons in unique ways that he is then supposed to pass on to others. God gives Ezekiel the assignment to go speak to Israel even though they have hardened their hearts and have turned away from God. God says they don't listen to me and it's going to be very difficult to make them listen to you, but I will strengthen you; I will make you as hard as them so they will not intimidate or frighten you.

God brought Ezekiel to a hard spot where he could not survive or succeed on his own, and through those challenges, God's glory was shown and Ezekiel's dependance on God was strengthened.

God is still working like that today. Those challenges and battles that are meant to be your downfall and failure, the things that will absolutely make you give up, can and will be used for God's glory and your strengthening. But you can't do it alone. And he doesn't want you to.

When I think about my relationship with God, my want to be more like Jesus and less like my sinful self, I have to give up knowing all the answers. I don't know why kids die and good people can't have babies and people hurt others intentionally. Truthfully, my walk with Jesus has brought about more questions than I started with. But I am stronger in the few truths I know and they are more than enough for everything else.

I know without a doubt that Jesus died for my sins and covered all my mess. I know without a doubt that he loves me more than I could ever imagine. I know without a doubt that his grace is enough for me. I know without a doubt that he will continue to give me more than I can handle so that I can learn again and again to rely on him.

And I know without a doubt that he will always show up, always be faithful, and always heal me in a way I never even dreamed.

And the same goes for you.

Does it sometimes feel like he's given you more than you can handle? Good. Because that is the point.

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