Best Last-Minute Digital Gift Ideas You Can Buy Christmas Morning

Gift cards, monthly subscriptions, digital gifts and experiential presents you can order at a moment's notice.
Need a gift you can buy on the spot Christmas morning? We've got you.
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Need a gift you can buy on the spot Christmas morning? We've got you.

It’s Christmas morning. You’re a block away from your sister’s house in your festive sweater with your trusted side dish when you realize you didn’t get a present for your favorite aunt. You didn’t snub her on purpose! You just forgot. But when she passes you a thoughtfully selected present and you respond with an empty-handed shrug, you’re going to want to evaporate. We can’t have that happen.

Whether you forgot entirely, didn’t know you were exchanging gifts with someone until they got you something, or you’re more into *experiences* than literal presents, these actually last-minute gifts are digital presents you can buy on the spot. Consider it a step up from sending them some money on Venmo with a Christmas tree emoji.

From Airbnb gift cards to digital music subscriptions, these presents are about trying new things and finding new interests. Instead of an itchy sweater or generic candle, gift your love one a virtual cooking class or access to a library of audio books. It’s not thoughtless or last minute, it’s intellectual! (How’s that for rebranding.) And because time is of the essence, we’ve rounded up the best digital gifts to give to a loved one when you’ve forgotten to get them a physical wrapped present.

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An Airbnb Gift Card for lodging and "experiences"
Inspire your loved one to visit someplace new or have a luxe staycation in their home city. Airbnb gift cards can be used for both renting Airbnbs and for Airbnb "experiences" like cooking classes, dance lessons or guided hikes.

Get an Airbnb gift card for any amount.
Audiobook subscription
While audiobooks are a great stand-in when you forgot to get someone a hard copy of a book they mentioned, they're also just a great way to hear a new story.

Get an Audible subscription for $15 a month or send a specific audio book, priced independently.
A Masterclass gift card
Want to learn piano from Alicia Keys or cooking from Gordon Ramsey? Masterclass connects you to endless celebrities and experts across all types of fields.

Get a Masterclass gift card for any amount.
A meditation and sleep app
For the gift of soothing thoughts, get your loved one a subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app. Headspace has tools to help with tracking your sleep and to remind you to take a few minutes for mindfulness each day.

Give Headspace for $12.99 a month or $69.99 a year.
Online guitar lessons
Show your loved one you support their creative vision with digital guitar lessons. The Fender Play app has online tuners and guides as well as lessons and tons of music.

Get Fender Play for $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year.
Stubhub gift card for tickets to live events
For music lovers, sports fans and comedy fanatics alike, a Stubhub gift card allows them to purchase tickets to whatever live events they want.

Get a Stubhub gift card for $25 and up.
Goldbelly gift card for far-away food
Rather than just offering local food delivery, Goldbelly lets you order food from your favorite restaurants and shops around the U.S. Give your loved one a taste tour of their favorite city.

Get a Goldbelly gift card for any amount.
GrubHub gift card for a night off cooking
Sometimes the best gift is a night off from cooking, dishes and grocery shopping. Grubhub lets your loved one get yummy takeout whenever they want.

Get a Grubhub gift card for any amount.
Help them learn a new language
If your loved one has a big international trip coming up, or if they've always liked to learn new languages, get them an online subscription to a language app and help them talk the talk.

Get Rosetta Stone for $11.99 a month for three months.
An outdoor adventure
For hikers, bikers, thrill-seekers and nature lovers, 57Hours is an outdoor activity company that runs guided day trips and tours all over the world. give your loved one a gift card and let them literally choose their own adventure.

Get a 57Hours gift card for any amount.
A music/podcast streaming service
For music lovers and podcast fans, giving them a digital music streaming subscription will set the tone for the new year. Pay for a few-month trial or shell out for a whole year.

Get Apple Music for $9.99 a month.
Or a TV/movie streaming service
For cinephiles and those who like to marathon old reality TV, getting a few months or a year of a streaming service is the gift that keeps on giving. Fill their home with laugh tracks and movies pretentious people call "films."

Get AppleTV+ for $4.99 a month.
An online gaming gift card
For all the gamers in your life, a subscription to an online gaming network or an e-card to be used within the system will really let the games begin, or keep the games going.

Get a Nintendo eShop Gift Card from Amazon from $5 to $90.
A virtual cooking class
For people that burn water and seasoned chefs alike, an online cooking class can teach you new techniques and recipes all from the comfort of your home.

Get a Cozymeal gift card for any amount.
A travel gift card
If your loved one enjoys being on the go, consider giving them a general use travel gift card to help fund their next trip. This one works across Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, Chevron and Texaco gas and Grubhub.

Get a "Pack & Go" card from Gift Card Mall in any mount.
An at-home Yoga subscription
Unless you know your someone loves working out and would appreciate a fitness membership for Christmas, you may want to err on the side of caution with giving them a gym membership or other fitness-inspired gift. Still, if your loved one is a total yogi or has mentioned how they love pilates, Glo is an at-home yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness subscription.

Get Glo for $18 a month or $162 a year.
A Dracula garlic mincer for anyone who appreciates irony, has strong feelings about their favorite vampire, or just really loves garlic bread. And if they're on board with all three like me, even better.

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