Ad Exec Offers $10000 For Future Husband In Priceless Email

There is nothing wrong with being single, but should you wish not to be, one woman has come up with an ambitious solution. An unnamed advertising executive in San Francisco recently promised to pay $10,000 to the person who introduces her to her future husband -- as she announced in an email to all of her friends, ccing her parents.

Posted by Agency Spy with the author's name redacted, the ad exec's email is hilarious, self-deprecating and cites both Sheryl Sandberg and Patti Stanger as inspirations -- in the same sentence:

I just finished the book "Lean In." And whether you're a fan of this feminist social movement is neither here nor there. What is here is an idea that came to me after reading this book. I thought, "I get it, I need to sit at the table. I need to be deeply committed to becoming a leader." Got it. I'm on it. And then I thought, "It's 11PM on a Sunday night, I'm single, I just had to squirt dish soap on leftover pizza so I wouldn't eat 2 more slices and this is the second self-help book I've read this month."

And then it was as if Sheryl Sandberg and Patti Stanger bitch slapped me across the face with a soaking wet "stop being single" towel. If I wanted a new job, would I sit in the lobby of the employer's building just hoping that someone would offer me my dream job? No. If I want a husband, will he just show up out of thin air and ask me to hang out with him for the rest of his life? No.

The author then very succinctly lay out exactly how her $10K "referral program" will work.

Click over to Agency Spy to read the priceless email in its entirety. We're betting this leads to setups galore -- and not just for the reward money. Who wouldn't want to hang out with this woman?



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