Ad On Subway Reacts To Trains

WATCH: Ad On Subway Platform Comes Alive When Trains Pass

Here's an ad that just might blow you a way.

This video display on a Swedish subway platform reacts to trains -- and when they pass, the model's hair blows all over the place.

"We needed to build a device that could be calibrated to sense the arrival of the train and not react to passing passengers," the production company Stopp Family, which designed the ad, wrote on its website. "Using an ultra sonic sensor, connected to a Raspberry Pi and a local network socket, we connected our device to the screens computer where the film could be activated by the passing trains."

The ad is for the Apolosophy line of hair care products from the Apotek pharmacy chain and says "Make your hair come alive," according to Mashable.

Along with showing off the cool effect, the video above also gives you a glimpse at how it was made.

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