Ad Promoting Employee Free Choice Act Directed At Journos

The pro-labor organization American Rights at Work announced today that they will be launching an advertising campaign to promote the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), the centerpiece of which is a television ad called "The Real Secret." The advertisement does a succinct job in laying out its central point, which is that the conversation of EFCA has thus far been dominated by big business, which has tirelessly and falsely contended that EFCA would deny workers the right to unionize via a secret ballot. In reality, EFCA will allow workers to do just that, but on their own terms, not the terms of their bosses.

But, to echo Greg Sargent, what's really interesting about this campaign is that it's not one that seeks to exclusively affect public opinion. Rather, as American Rights at Work's press release makes clear, the ads are specifically targeted at journalists: "Our goal is to make sure that betway opinion leaders understand that the smear campaign on the secret ballot is a totally false distraction." To that end, they will hit Beltway opinion-shapers where they live, airing this Sunday on the morning political talk-show circuit.



Corporate greed: it's caused a meltdown of our economy. Just look at the news, or your retirement account. Now, greedy CEO's want to prevent workers from joining unions to level the playing field. Their new scheme to keep wages low? Spreading lies about the Employee Free Choice Act. The truth is, the Employee Free Choice Act absolutely protects workers' right to choose a secret ballot election. But the choice would be the workers'. Not their bosses. That's the secret big business doesn't want you to know.