Ad Turns 'This Land Is Your Land' Into The Immigrant Anthem This Country Needs

"There’s no one who can make me go back, this land is for you and for me."

Johnnie Walker is reminding Americans that this is a land for immigrants. 

The Scotch whisky brand went to Los Angeles’ Chicano Batman for their latest ad, created for the company’s “Keep Walking America” marketing campaign. In the spot, the Latino four-piece band reinterprets Woody Guthrie’s iconic folk song “This Land Is Your Land” as an immigrant anthem.

“This song’s message has never been more timely, and we hope our version continues to inspire people to keep walking towards their dreams and to celebrate each other,” Chicano Batman frontman Bardo Martinez said in a press release. 

The music video, which doubles as an ad for the brand, is meant to take viewers into Chicano Batman’s community in Los Angeles. And the new version of the song includes a line in Spanish, which translates to: 

There’s no one that can stop me on the way to liberty. There’s no one who can make me go back, this land is for you and for me. 

Chicano Batman, and immigrants, are here to stay. 

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly spelled Johnnie Walker. 



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