Adrianne Curry, 'America's Next Top Model', Thrown Out Of Comic Con; Outfit Too Sexy (PHOTO)

This year, Comic Con is full of surprises. But that doesn't mean that there aren't limits.

Former 'American's Next Top Model' winner Adrianne Curry, apparently took things a little too far with her super sexy getup. Cops stopped the 'Playboy' cover girl as she tried to enter the festival for a signing. Despite her mind-blowing looks (and her barely-there costume), security insisted her outfit was too revealing. Well, the law is the law. She was asked to leave as soon as her signing was over.

Later Curry tweeted a geeked-out response to the incident that most certainly had Sci-Fi boys swooning, “Apparently the San Diego police are unfamiliar with a screen accurate version of Aeon Flux.”

You tell 'em!