Adam Carolla Explains 'Anti-Gay' Jokes On 'The Talk,' But Perez Hilton Cries Foul

Adam Carolla is no stranger to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) hot seat, having cracked a number of jokes some have deemed either anti-gay or transphobic.

Now, the comedian is hoping to set the record straight on his behavior, saying the so-called "homophobic" rants are merely part of his stage persona. "I'm on stage," he told "The Talk" co-host Sara Gilbert. "'Nice' doesn't get laughs, especially on stage. That is what I am saying."

Carolla then went on to note that he didn't understand why comedians were being held to the same standards as politicians when it came to making proclamations about a minority group.

Still, one prominent pro-LGBT voice quickly cried foul. "I think Adam Carolla's attempt at explaining his history of homophobia was B.S.," noted celebrity blogger and media personality Perez Hilton.

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