Adam Carolla on New App, Turning Down Multi-Million Dollar Radio Deal for Podcasting

Adam Carolla is known for his unique, comedic and brutally honest voice in broadcasting. He's had successful radio shows (Loveline, The Adam Carolla Show), successful TV shows (The Car Show, The Man Show) and recently got a Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Podcast in the World. In this influencer segment Adam stopped by the studio to tell us about the next thing he's going to conquer... apps.

Adam's new official Adam Carolla Show App comes out Friday. It will be accompanied by a complete website redesign over at The host told me that there is a special incentive for his loyal fans. "The person who gets the most people signed up... we're gonna fly 'em out, put 'em up, they're gonna do the podcast and have a beer with me... I mean multiple beers," he said.

I never really broke this down but in movies if you do features you almost have no connection to fans... and if you do TV, you're kind of connected but they know you as the TV name not your real name. If you do radio... there's more of a bond there, and then if you do a podcast it's like you're literally inside of your fans... and I mean that sexually.

While he was fired from his radio show in 2009 before building his podcasting empire, he says he was offered another multi-year mult-million dollar radio deal six months ago that he turned down to continue focus on work in digital. "Everyone always wants to talk about the freedom, no FCC, speak your mind and drop F-bombs... and that's great but it's really about the schedule... It's the crazy flexibility of it. If you're gonna go out of town for three days, you could bank three of them," he said referring to his podcasts.

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