Adam Carolla Weighs In On Women In Late Night TV (VIDEO)

Comedian Adam Carolla stopped by HuffPost Live to chat about his new show on Spike TV, "Catch A Contractor," and during the conversation he weighed in on women hosting late night talk shows.

With Leno out, Fallon in and Meyers on after midnight, a lot is changing in the late night landscape. But where do women hosts stand in the shuffle?

"To me it's not so much about women or men, it's sort of who do you want to see at night," Carolla told host Alyona Minkovski.

He added that he's not sure how audiences would react to a change in the image they're used to -- "a guy standing there in a suit telling monologue jokes."

"I don't know if it would be confusing if it's a woman standing there telling monologue jokes," he said. "We're just used to certain genders in certain roles."

But that doesn't mean Carolla doesn't think a woman can do the job. At the top of his list? Proven comic queen Ellen DeGeneres.

See the full HuffPost Live conversation with Adam Carolla in the video below.



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