Celebrities Clap Back Against Adam Carolla For Mocking COVID-19 Claims

"How many of you p****y's got played?" the comedian wrote on Twitter after misleading information about coronavirus-related deaths circulated.

Comedian Adam Carolla attempted to minimize the effects of COVID-19 and ended up getting a maximum amount of clapback from celebrities on Twitter.

It all started Tuesday night after the former “Man Show” host referred to people who are following suggested protocols for avoiding the coronavirus as “pussy’s.”

“Turns out the people dying from covid are old or sick or both,” Carolla said, seemingly referencing a misinterpretation of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, shared by President Donald Trump and others, that posits that many of the country’s 180,000 COVID-19 deaths were caused by preexisting conditions and not the disease alone.

In actuality, the CDC data shows that among coronavirus-related deaths, 6% of the death certificates list COVID-19 as the sole cause of death and 94% list a variety of “additional conditions or causes” — some of which were chronic medical conditions, while others were common symptoms of coronavirus including respiratory failure, pneumonia and cardiac arrest.

Many people on Twitter, including actors Valerie Bertinelli, Bradley Whitford and George Takei, didn’t appreciate Carolla’s cutting comments.

Some people didn’t understand why Carolla seemed to have a problem with pussies.

Others were rightfully concerned about Carolla’s grammar.

Some people didn’t know what to think ...

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