Adam Driver Is Being Praised For His Perfect Response To A 'Tasteless' And 'Cruel' Series Of Questions About His Appearance During An Interview With Chris Wallace

“I look how I look. I can't change that,” Adam told CNN’s Chris Wallace during the awkward interview.
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Adam Driver is being heavily defended after he was repeatedly questioned about his appearance during a new interview.
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Adam, who is currently promoting his soon-to-be-released film "Ferrari," recently appeared on journalist Chris Wallace’s Max series, Who's Talking to Chris Wallace, to discuss the forthcoming project.
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And during the interview, Chris, 76, took it upon himself to ask Adam, 40, about how his physical appearance has impacted his acting career.
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Chris began by referencing some of the comparisons people have made between Adam — who has received Oscar nominations for his roles in films like "Marriage Story" and "BlacKkKlansman" — and several prominent actors, like Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson.
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When asked if he accepts these comparisons, Adam said, “That's very nice. Those are the actors that made me want to be an actor, so that's a nice comparison.”
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However, Adam went on to note that he tries not to “absorb” any of these comparisons, because he’s also hit with a fair share of negative reviews, too.
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“The New Yorker has also called me a horse-face,” he said. “I remember reading one reviewer [who said], ‘His agent probably doesn't know whether to put him in a movie or the Kentucky Derby.’ So if you believe the good thing, you have to believe the bad thing. So I try to not absorb anything.”
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Then, Chris took Adam’s remark as an opportunity to question his appearance, telling him that he doesn’t look like a “typical movie star.”
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“Well, that leads me to the next question I wanted to ask you, which is [that] you don’t look like the typical movie star. Has that been a help or a hindrance?” Chris asked.
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Adam momentarily appeared a little taken aback by the question, though swiftly responded, “I’ve worked consistently, which is nice, with people I always dreamed that I wanted to work with.”
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“I look how I look. I can't change that. So, I guess it helped me,” he added, before sarcastically making a joke about his appearance.
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“A hindrance in only breaking mirrors wherever I go, and having a misshapen outsized body that I can't fit through doorways or most clothes or fit into most cars, so apart from that, it's good,” he quipped.
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However, Chris still continued to go in on Adam, asking him if he’d ever questioned if his career “would be easier” if he looked like Robert Redford. At this point in the interview, a photo of Robert appeared on screen directly beside Adam.
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After hearing Chris’s question, Adam briefly paused again before answering, “Yeah, but it would just be different. I would be giving something off.”
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“Maybe I'm trying to be diplomatic. And I guess if I was alone in a room, I’m like, "Who doesn't want to look like Robert Redford?” he said. “I just kind of accepted this is how I look.”
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As soon as the interview clip surfaced across social media, several internet users called Chris out for his “tasteless” and “cruel” series of questions.
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“Wow this is so incredibly rude and mean for no reason,” one person wrote. “This is rude beyond belief wtf,” another person agreed.
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Meanwhile, Adam was praised for his response to Chris’s questions. “Props to Adam for handling it like he did,” one person wrote. “I’m glad Adam has a healthy mindset and I'm sorry he had to deal with this,” said another.
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“In the year 2023, we don’t need to be talking about people’s bodies or perceived attraction which is SUBJECTIVE for all. We just don’t have to even go there! We all look how we look!” someone else wrote.

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